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Keep little legs comfy, but do not want a pants, here comes the new option.
Elasticated waist.
Oeko-Tex® certified material, free from harmful substances.

Zhejiang Zhuji Ruiyang Socks Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Zhuji Ruiyang Socks Co., Ltd.is Wholesale Other Cotton Socks Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Other Socks Factory. Is located at No. 18, Wangyun West Road, Taozhu Street, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is 75 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and 200 kilometers away from Ningbo Port. Founded in 1997, the registered capital is 10.88 million yuan. It covers an area of 13,000 square meters and a structure area of 18,000 square meters.
In 2002, we started to transform and upgrade the company into a manufacturer mainly engaged in export business. As of now, we have a complete production line for sample making, knitting, sewing, shaping and packaging. There are 188 employees, of which 98% are experienced workers. The sock machine number is 320, from 96-200 needles. That's a monthly turnout of 3,500,000 pairs.

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Other Socks Industry knowledge
1. Why choose our Cotton Rich Tights? Uncover the secrets of our company’s manufacturing processes and quality assurance
As a company specializing in the production of Cotton Rich Tights, we have always been committed to providing the highest quality products. In terms of manufacturing process, we adopt the most advanced production technology to ensure that each pair of socks is carefully designed and produced. Our manufacturing process includes selecting high-quality cotton and other materials to ensure product softness and durability.
For example, our production process begins with a rigorous selection of raw materials. We select only the purest, highest quality cotton to ensure our products are not only comfortable to the touch, but also offer superior breathability. During the production process, we have introduced intelligent manufacturing technology to ensure that every step is strictly monitored through automated equipment to reduce the possibility of human errors.
In terms of quality assurance, we have implemented strict quality control standards. Each batch of products will go through multiple quality inspection procedures before leaving the production line to ensure that substandard products will not enter the market. We also conduct continuous quality monitoring and customer feedback collection to adjust and improve product design and manufacturing processes in a timely manner.

2. Sustainable fashion: How do we contribute to the environment through Cotton Rich Tights?
In today's society, sustainable fashion is becoming increasingly important. Our company takes environmental protection as its own responsibility and strives to make its own contribution to the cause of environmental protection through a series of innovative and sustainable practices.
For example, we use sustainable cotton production methods, such as organic cotton farming. This method of growing not only reduces chemical pollution of the land but also promotes agricultural sustainability. At the same time, we are committed to reducing energy consumption and waste generation in the production process. We strive to reduce our environmental footprint by introducing more efficient production techniques and recycling materials.
In addition, we have launched a recycling program to encourage consumers to return used socks to us for recycling. This project not only helps reduce waste generation, but also provides consumers with a way to actively participate in environmental protection.

3. Behind the design of Cotton Rich Tights: How do we pursue the perfect balance of comfort and fashion?
In the world of fashion, comfort and style are often considered to be in opposition to each other. However, our company firmly believes that it is possible to have both. Our design of Cotton Rich Tights pursues this balance and strives to provide an excellent wearing experience with a fashionable appearance.
For example, our design team not only pays attention to fashion trends, but also studies ergonomics in depth. We use advanced design software to ensure through simulation and testing that each sock conforms to the human body structure and provides the best fit and comfort. In addition, we also cooperate with professional fashion designers to ensure that our products are not only comfortable to wear, but also have unique fashion elements.
We also pay attention to details, such as sewing craftsmanship and waistband design, and strive to make each pair of socks find the perfect balance between fashion taste and wearing comfort.