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These plain crew socks are the perfect complement to your sneakers. They fit comfortably and will allow you to wear your footwear with style.Socks made for all sorts of team sports! High quality cotton provides a more stable and stretchy finish than basic weaves, breathable, absorbent, and deodorizing!Customized design,size and packing are generally accepted.

  • Kids Soccer Sneaker Socks

    Classic sport socks with a soft towelling inside and slightly thicker quality for cushioning – ideal...

  • Kids Sports Sneaker Socks

    Classic sport socks with a soft towelling inside and slightly thicker quality for cushioning – ideal...

Zhejiang Zhuji Ruiyang Socks Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Zhuji Ruiyang Socks Co., Children Cotton Socks Suppliers and Custom Children Sport Socks Manufacturers. Is located at No. 18, Wangyun West Road, Taozhu Street, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, China. It is 75 kilometers away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport and 200 kilometers away from Ningbo Port. Founded in 1997, the registered capital is 10.88 million yuan. It covers an area of 13,000 square meters and a structure area of 18,000 square meters.
In 2002, we started to transform and upgrade the company into a manufacturer mainly engaged in export business. As of now, we have a complete production line for sample making, knitting, sewing, shaping and packaging. There are 188 employees, of which 98% are experienced workers. The sock machine number is 320, from 96-200 needles. That's a monthly turnout of 3,500,000 pairs.

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Children Cotton Socks Industry knowledge
1. Why choose pure Children Cotton Socks?
Choosing the right socks is crucial to your child's foot health. Among textiles, cotton children's socks are prized for their natural fibers and soft texture. First of all, pure cotton is a natural fiber with strong hygroscopicity, which can effectively absorb and eliminate sweat, keeping children's feet always dry. This is essential in preventing athlete's foot, pain, and other moisture-related foot problems. In contrast, synthetic fibers may trap sweat, creating a favorable environment for bacteria to grow.
Pure cotton children's socks are gentler on children's delicate skin. Soft cotton fibers reduce friction and irritation, reducing the risk of allergic reactions. Especially for children with fiber sensitivities, cotton socks are an ideal choice to help reduce skin irritation and itchiness.
As a natural material, pure cotton does not contain chemicals harmful to the human body. This is an important consideration for parents, especially those who are concerned about the environment and the health of their children. Choosing pure cotton children's socks means isolating children's skin from harmful chemicals, ensuring that they are not affected by harmful substances during wearing.

2. What are the health benefits of pure Children Cotton Socks?
Pure cotton children's socks are not only a fashion choice, but also a smart decision that is beneficial to your child's health. First, pure cotton socks help maintain the proper temperature of your feet. The breathable performance of pure cotton fiber allows air to circulate, preventing the feet from being overheated or cold, and helping to maintain a comfortable foot environment.
Pure cotton is essential for moisture management on children's feet. Children tend to sweat when playing and exercising, and pure cotton socks can quickly absorb sweat and help it evaporate, effectively preventing fungal and bacterial infections caused by moisture. This is especially important for active children to avoid unnecessary foot health problems.
Considering that children's skin is more delicate, the softness of pure cotton children's socks has a positive impact on reducing skin friction, preventing wear and tear, and reducing allergic reactions. These socks provide children with a warm and safe wearing experience, helping to keep their feet healthy and happy.

3. How to correctly choose and care for pure Children Cotton Socks?
Proper selection and care are key to ensuring the best performance from cotton children's socks. First of all, parents should pay attention to the size selection of socks. Socks that are too big or too small may cause discomfort and even affect the child's normal life. Therefore, when purchasing, choose the appropriate size according to the length of your child's feet and ensure that the socks are neither too tight nor too loose.
Understanding the purpose of socks is also an important step. For example, professional sports socks are needed for sports, while comfortable and soft casual socks may be more suitable for daily life. In addition, the choice of color and design is also a consideration to meet the aesthetic needs of the child.
In terms of care, it is generally recommended to hand wash pure cotton children's socks with mild detergent and avoid using strong bleach. Avoid high heat drying and opt for air drying to help preserve the texture and color of your socks. Additionally, changing socks regularly is a key step in ensuring your child's foot hygiene, as wearing dirty socks can cause unnecessary health problems.
Proper selection and care will ensure that pure cotton children's socks are always in top condition, providing your child with a comfortable and healthy wearing experience.